Gotham Season 3 Complete Download 480p 720p

Gotham Season 3 Complete Download 480p 720p, Gotham S03,

Gotham Season 3 Complete Download 480p 720p

Genres : Crime , Drama , Thriller 
Size : 480p | 720p | x265 720p HEVC | 1080p 
File Type : MKV | MP4 | AVI 
File Size : 150-300 MB 
Language : English
More Info: 
Creator: Bruno Heller
Stars: Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinkett Smith, Donal Logue

Story Line : Jim Gordon is a rising detective in corrupt Gotham City, where his late father was a successful district attorney. Brave, honest and determined to prove himself, Jim hopes to return the city to the glamorous, purer version he remembers as a child. He and his partner, legendary Detective Harvey Bullock, must navigate the dirty politics of Gotham’s justice system, even as they tackle a high-profile case, the murder of billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne. Gordon becomes a friend to their young orphan, Bruce.

Gotham Season 3 Complete Download in 480p & 720p

Gotham S03E01 480p.mkv 2016-Oct-12 12:04:26 164.4M

Gotham S03E02 480p.mkv 2016-Oct-12 12:04:26 146.6M

Gotham S03E03 480p.mkv 2016-Oct-12 12:04:28 150.9M

Gotham S03E04 480p.mkv 2016-Oct-12 23:45:01 145.3M

Gotham S03E05 480p.mkv 2016-Oct-18 18:21:52 160.3M

Gotham S03E06 480p.mkv 2016-Oct-25 17:45:07 134.5M

Gotham S03E07 480p.mkv 2016-Nov-01 17:53:23 146.7M

Gotham S03E08 480p.mkv 2016-Nov-08 17:06:19 138.2M

Gotham S03E09 480p.mkv 2016-Nov-15 16:02:57 159.0M

Gotham S03E10 480p.mkv 2016-Nov-22 16:31:19 146.7M

Gotham S03E11 480p.mkv 2016-Nov-29 15:28:37 157.4M

Gotham S03E12 480p.mkv 2017-Jan-18 04:45:25 147.4M

Gotham S03E13 480p.mkv 2017-Jan-24 15:21:28 163.2M

Gotham S03E14 480p.mkv 2017-Jan-31 15:49:52 201.5M

Gotham S03E15 480p.mkv 2017-Apr-25 15:36:17 152.4M

Gotham S03E16 480p.mkv 2017-May-02 16:00:30 147.7M

Gotham S03E17 480p.mkv 2017-May-09 16:27:16 157.6M

Gotham S03E18 480p.mkv 2017-May-17 16:24:50 143.3M

Gotham S03E19 480p.mkv 2017-May-23 15:55:17 164.7M

Gotham S03E20 480p.mkv 2017-May-30 07:25:03 166.4M

Gotham S03E21 480p.mkv 2017-Jun-06 07:41:03 303.2M

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